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Studio Rubin was founded by comics artist and creator Nachman Rubinstein, known by his pen name, Noach Rubin, together with his wife Batya.

The studio started out as the Comicode publishing house, putting out high-quality comics for Jewish children. Most notable among Comicode’s publications are the best-selling and beloved Jeweled Sword series and its spinoff, the Jeweled Sword in Grineau, and the hit Fearful Heroes series. These books won the hearts of Orthodox Jewish youth around the world and were translated from the original Hebrew into several languages.

In a market constantly flooded with new books in the comics genre, Noach Rubin’s creations stand out for their well-crafted plots and meticulous artwork, full of inspiration and depth. He has blazed a new trail in the market and created a sought-after brand.

Many artists have sought to showcase their work through collaboration with us. After a some of these carefully chosen collaborations saw astounding success, It was a natural progression to set up Studio Rubin and make this service official and accessible, matching up artists with stories.

Top-tier artists from around the world, more than a decade of experience, artistic expertise and thorough familiarity with the special requirements of the comics genre have made Studio Rubin into what it is today — a leading supplier of professional illustration services.


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