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Studio Rubin was founded by comics artist and creator Nachman Rubinstein, known by his pen name, Noach Rubin, together with his wife Batya. The studio started out as the Comicode publishing house, putting out high-quality comics for Jewish children. Most notable among Comicode’s publications are the best-selling and beloved Jeweled Sword series and its spinoff, the Jeweled Sword in Grineau, and the hit Fearful Heroes series. These books won the hearts of Orthodox Jewish youth around the world and were translated from the original Hebrew into several languages.



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High-quality illustration is a direct result of professionalism and experience. Studio Rubin has over a decade of experience in the world of pictorial expression in all its branches and styles. Hundreds of satisfied customers, dozens of projects brought to perfection, and a curated staff enable us to offer the best in every field — comics, full illustration, portraits, brand mascots and animations.

An illustration is a story in miniature. A professional illustrator’s job is to understand the story and give it expression. At Studio Rubin, our point of departure is deep familiarity with the world of illustration —it begins with building the characters, moves on to creating a comics story that flows and crests, and doesn’t end with the script and dialogue. The result is a style suited in every way to the subject matter, with precisely the right drawing style, coloring and graphic expression.

At Studio Rubin we understand that success is built on meeting the client’s needs. Every story has its own unique plotline and atmosphere, and in order to hit the target every time, we select from a wide range of artists to bring the right style to each production — exuberant, comedic, historical, or dramatic drawing; minimalistic, avant-garde, or childish graphic design; soft or bold coloring; and carefully chosen lettering. In two words, the perfect formula.

At Studio Rubin we emphasize being available and on-schedule. That is why we employ dozens of artists and other creatives who enable us to meet our deadlines and to a supply a high quality product in a timely manner.

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